Hydroponics Versus Aeroponics: What’s the Difference?

Natural Gardening has been growing in popularity for years, but with the advent of hydroponic and aeroponic methods, questions arise. We are often asked what the difference between hydroponics and aeroponics is and is one method better than the other. We hope the explanation below brings some clarity but Hid Hut is always available to answer any questions that you might have.


Hydroponic Systems at Hid HutHydroponics is a natural growth method that does not require soil to grow your plants, fruits or vegetables. Plants need nutrients, they often use a great deal of energy growing roots in soil, in fact, soil can actually hinder a plants growth. The most popular hydroponic systems use deep water culture, ebb and flow or drip components. A nutrient rich blend of liquids flow through the planting medium and provides food for plant growth. No matter the system that you choose, hydroponics can provide a healthy and cost effective alternative to traditional gardening methods.

Hydroponic systems allow you to control how nutrients are delivered. Plants that grow in this natural way have much greater energy efficiency than plants grown in soil. Many hydroponic systems recycle water, which greatly reduces waste. In fact, hydroponic systems use as little as 10 percent of the amount of water needed by conventional growing methods. As important as choosing the proper hydroponic equipment is, selecting the correct nutrients is as well vital. Make sure that you do your homework when you are deciding on plant or organic nutrients. Some of the leading brands are Botanicare, B’Cuzz, Foxfarm and Bloombastic.


Hid Hut Aeroponic SystemsThe aeroponics system does not utilize any growing medium. Plants are suspended in a closed or semi-dark enclosed space while a nutrient dense solution is sprayed on the roots at certain intervals. Since plant roots are isolated and there is no planting medium, plants that are grown with an aeroponics system will have the opportunity for maximum nutrient absorption. Plants that are exposed to the proper amounts of oxygen, water and nutrients will grow healthy and sturdy. During aeroponics there is no medium, not even water that will impede the growth of the plant. Therefore, aeroponics is considered one of the most natural, non-invasive methods of gardening.

Research by NASA and other groups is being done using aeroponics equipment because it allows for closer examination and observation of the roots without disturbing the plant as it’s in soil. Aeroponics is also seen as a viable gardening method for the future as soil becomes more contaminated or the soil quality decreases.

Natural Gardening Advice

Something to keep in mind, whether you choose aeroponics or hydroponics as your ideal growing method, the better insulated the environment the less likely you are to have problems with pest, disease or contamination. Learning the specifics to aeroponics or hydroponics takes some time and self education; you will need to make sure that you are vigilant with using the right components and nutrients. But once you see the benefits, financial, health and environment, natural gardening can be a very rewarding activity.

Both hydroponics and aeroponics have great benefits, neither have drawbacks but one method may meet your needs more than another. Contact Hid Hut today and let us assist you in choosing the natural gardening systems that best suits your needs.

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